Monday, June 8, 2009

Color Studies

My injured sister has been getting tons of flowers lately. Flowers are beautiful, but hard to draw. After messing up a little the colors in my first attempt, I forced my self to do some color studies and pay attention to the different shadows, hues, values, etc. Still trying to get better at watercolors, and I also experimented a little with pastels. I noticed that as I kept going I started to get a little bit more the idea of how to use the different mediums. Gotta do more studies to get better!

Sketching places

I haven't had the time to go sketching some buildings and places here in Mexico this summer, but I'm looking forward on going this coming weekend! 
Didn't really finish these drawings but I kinda like them. I pretty much tried to experiment with watercolours (which didn't turned out that great).
First drawing: Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts), Mexico City
Second drawing: Antiguo Colegio de MinerĂ­a, Mexico City
Last drawing: Riverdale, Toronto

Old Sketchbook Drawings

Here are some sketchbook drawings from my first year as an animation student.
Life drawings:

Random sketches:

Playing around with colors. I loved these giraffes until I put some sparkles on it and closed my sketchbook without letting it dry :(