Sunday, March 8, 2009

more digital paintings

Another two assignments for digital tools.

"El mariachi loco"
 Edgar Allan Poe

Digital Painting

I never did digital painting before, and I never used a wacom tablet until this semester... so AWESOMEE!! It's kinda hard to get used to the surface of the tablet tho.. and not to mention that u have to be really good with lightning and color theory if u want your painting to look nice. Here is my first assignment for my digital tools class (the layout was provided, I only panted it).

Character Skeleton

Skeleton study for my character design class.

Trip back home

Thought I might upload some pictures of my trip back home (Mexico City) for Christmas. It's really sad to see that most of the time we don't appreciate and enjoy what we have. But it was really cool to visit my city again from another perspective. 
The picture below was taken in a flea market full of piñatas. During Christmas there's a tradition called "Posada"... long story short: u sing, eat, and break piñatas (I'm not gonna go trough details, I could never finish).

 These other pictures were taken downtown. I never really paid attention before to the amazing architecture of these buildings. Most of them are about 400-500 hundred years old, really really gorgeous buildings.

These las two pictures are from "El Palacio de Bellas Artes" (Palace of Fine Arts). I have to say is one of the most beautiful buildings there. There are tons of little details that I started to notice after some time sketching..  Never really saw before all the sculptures and reliefs of beautiful human figures on the roof and sides of the building. Inside, you find murals by famous mexican painters like Diego Rivera, Siqueiros (personal favourite), Tamayo, etc. And the place is also an Opera House!

Old drawings

Some of my life drawings from Art Fundies.

Getting started

Hi everybody.. so I'm kinda new with this thing, right now im just trying to figure out how things work, and how to change the design of the blog. 
As soon as I find out, I'll start posting stuff!!