Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's gonna be a crazy end of the week.
I'm going back to Mexico City this weekend. I'm worried about the people, my friends, my family, my own health...the situation seems pretty bad right now, and they not only are dealing with the swine flu, but two days ago there was also a quake. I just hope I don't get the flu while I'm there. If I survive the first days at the zombie town, I'll make sure to post more of my artwork and make a vow to become a better artist :D. Seems fair.
Meanwhile, the pages I submitted for the yearbook.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dr.Jekyll to Mr.Hyde transformation

So here it is, the final character design assignment that took away days and hours of sleep. I kinda tried to go with a different style this time.
Dr. Jekyll is undergoing a bee-venom therapy (also called "apitherapy", you can look it up if don't believe me :D) to increase his brain power due to the high amount of energy and vitality you can get from the therapy. He doesn't like the feeling of being stung by a bee (and who actually does?), so he plays with the bee venom and DNA, but something goes wrong and he ends up turning into a crazy bee!!!

I actually got the idea of the bee from my mom. She literally loves this bee therapy and seems to actually work for her.
Hope you like it!